Communications-Electronic Research, Development and Engineering Center

Communications-Electronic Research, Development and Engineering Center

As part of the Research, Development and Engineering Command, CERDEC is the Army’s information technologies and integrated systems center. Our six directorates conduct vigorous research and development programs, linking various technology producers including industry, academia and the foreign sector as well as other government agencies and services.

To employ the imagination and innovation of this nation’s brightest professional to provide America’s brave sons and daughters with the most effective solutions to ensure mission success and their safe return home.

To develop and integrate Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Technologies that enable Information Dominance and Decisive Lethality for the Networked Warfighter.

Business Areas
•    Command and Control
•    Power Sources
•    Communications (Space and Terrestrial)
•    Night Vision and Electro-Optics
•    Countermine
•    Sensors
•    Intelligence and Information Warfare
•    Information Operations and Assurance
•    Software Engineering
•    Sustainment Engineering

Command and Control
Space and Terrestrial Communications
Night Vision and Electronic Sensors
Information and Intelligence Warfare
Software Engineering
Product Realization

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