Army’s Top NCO Says New Camo ‘Safer’

New MultiCam Army Combat Uniform

The Sergeant Major of the Army said the service’s new camouflage uniforms now being issued to troops deploying to Afghanistan will make Soldiers safer and help make them more stealthy than the current Army-wide camo.

Of course, we know this is thanks to the hard work from our professionals at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center. Our RDECOM technicians are always working to make things better for today’s Soldier!

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Media Report: CERDEC director shares vision

Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center Director Gary Blohm shares vision in a Defense Systems interview.

DS: What’s at the top of your list of objectives with CERDEC?

Blohm: One of the major initiatives we have is looking at system engineering from across the C4ISR domain, or the big network, and how everything ties to that from the sensor to the transport communications, as well as the applications and data fusion. From a command perspective, we are looking at it integrated across a Brigade Combat Team (BCT). We do that understanding that the network has to interface to the platform, integrate across platforms and provide capabilities.

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Media report: WindTamer announces initial sale of mobile trailer-mounted turbine to Army

Rochester, NY, April 7, 2010 – WindTamer Corporation announced today the sale of a mobile trailer-mounted 1.0kW WindTamer turbine and energy storage unit to the U.S. Army. The turbine will be utilized as a demonstration unit for the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command as a means of charging batteries for communications equipment. RDECOM is the Army’s largest technology developer and its primary source for research, development and engineering capabilities. The WindTamer unit is expected to initially reside at RDECOM’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

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Media Report: Augmented reality roadmap

“U.S. Army researchers are asking industry for information to help craft a seven-year technology roadmap for augmented-reality simulation and training technology for infantry soldiers,” according to a media report from Military & Aerospace Electronics. John Keller writes: “Experts at the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., released a request for information (RFI) Friday called Augmented Reality (AR) Systems Technology Roadmap Survey (solicitation number RDECOM-STTC-RFI) to collect information on augmented reality capabilities for dismounted soldiers.”

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Media report: DARPA eyes digital fingerprints to track computer attacks

“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is eyeing ways to use the equivalent of digital DNA to improve the ability to investigate cyberattacks, and the agency wants help,” writes Ben Bain for Federal Computer Week. “DARPA’s Cyber Genome Program is designed “to produce revolutionary cyber defense and investigatory technologies for the collection, identification, characterization, and presentation of properties and relationships from collected digital artifacts of software, data, and/or users to support DoD law enforcement, counter intelligence, and cyber defense teams,” DARPA said in a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site. In other words, the program is meant to explore ways to solve the notoriously difficulty problem of definitively determining who’s behind a cyberattack.” Read more…

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