Nano technology marches on

By Jason Kaneshiro

Joseph Paras, a materials engineer at Picatinny Arsenal, stands in front of the Field Assisted Sintering Technology machine and holds a jar of nanopowder and an object forged from nanopowder using Field Assisted Sintering Technology (FAST).

A year ago, engineers at Picatinny Arsenal were busy processing and refining nanomaterials.

This year, they have made the next logical step in their ongoing work by forging objects from those nanopowders.

Objects they have created include rounded plates.

These objects can be used in creating prototypes of new equipment and devices or, alternatively, pieces can be cut from these basic shapes for use as components in other systems now under development.

“Typically, in everyday use, a pile of powder is somewhat useless,” said Joseph Paras, a materials engineer at Picatinny Arsenal. “The powder must be converted into a useful form.”

Given the mission focus at Picatinny Arsenal, possible future applications for nanomaterials may include enhanced lethality for current and future weapons systems, such as better penetrators for large and small caliber projectiles and warhead liners, Paras said.

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